A family business since 1982.
Ingo Wernet

Position: Chief Executive Office - General Manager

Tel: 06131 / 958 19 - 32
Mobil: 0172 / 6997172
Email: post@mkt-mainz.de

Ingo Wernet, the founder and CEO of Mainzer Kühlhaus- und Transportgesellschaft founded the company in 1982. Since then he has shown extreme engagement, commitment, hard work, and great leadership. He has made this business his passion beyond his work life. He has continuously been looking for new opportunities to grow the business and succeed despite large competition in the logistics and warehousing industry.
Christine Wernet

Position: Co-Partner, Authorized Signatory,
Accounting, Finance, Human Resources

Tel: 06131 / 958 19 - 21
Email: s.wernet@mkt-mainz.de
Co-Partner Mrs. Christine Wernet is a trained bank clerk and since 1995 crucial part of the management team. Finance and Human Resources are her business activities next to Accounting.
Sebastian Wernet

Position: Chief Executive Office - Assistant General Manager

Tel: 06131 / 958 19 - 32
Mobil: 0163 / 8036327
Email: s.wernet@mkt-mainz.de
Sebastian Wernet received his degree in Business Administration from MBA in Mainz in the year of 2006. After training and working for Bechtle AG after graduation in Offenbach and Hamburg for three years he decided to go back to school and get a degree in psychology. In January of 2015 he received his masters degree from the Technical University of Darmstadt.
Björn Rossellit

Position: Logistics Manager

Tel: 06131 / 958 19 - 12
Fax: 06131/951819-19
Email: post@mkt-mainz.de 
Björn Rossellit has been with us since 2014. His background is in graphic design but last year he made the transition and joined our business overseeing our logistics and expedition office.
Eduardo Gomes

Position: Warehouse and Operations Manager

Tel: 06131 / 958 19 - 55
Email: post@mkt-mainz.de 
Eduardo Gomes as been a part of the Mainzer-Kühlhaus und Transportgesellschaft team since January 1st 1991. Throughout the years he has promoted himself to the Warehouse and Operations Manager. He is also responsible for the entire building and storage servicing and technology.
Patrick Carvalho Gomes

Position: SOP Appointee, Expedition

Tel: 06131 / 958 19 - 13
Fax: 06131/951819-19
Email: post@mkt-mainz.de 
Patrick Carvalho Gomes completed his apprenticeship to become an Office Management Assistant at the Mainzer Kühlhaus und Transportgesellschaft. After his successful graduation in 2012 he has been continuously trained internally and externally. He is our SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) appointee and also responsible for the logistics area.
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Email: post@mkt-mainz.de
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