A family business since 1982.
Dry Storage
Over 1000m2 can be used to store normal temperatured products. For our dry storage there are a number of products that are suitable, such as e.g. salt, sugar, canned goods, paper and tissue products, as well as drugstore articles and many more. The products in our dry storage warehouses are light-protected and heat-protected and are also secured from wetness. The humidity is slight and the dry storage warehouses are well-ventilated to eliminate danger points such as extraneous smells, mold formation, and infestation. Our dry storage takes place in a temperature-controlled setting.
Cold Storage
Between 2° and 8° Celsius (35° and 47° Fahrenheit) we storage and handle cold products. We have multiple warehouses that can be chilled at different temperatures, so that we can store up to 2,500 pallets.
Refrigerated Storage
In high rack order picking and narrow-aisle warehouses we can store refrigerated products at around -24° Celsius (-11° Fahrenheit). For bulk storage we have narrow-aisle shelving systems and for products that are part of our order picking process we have high rack order picking warehouse systems. All warehouse temperatures are continually monitored and are recorded and documented quarter-hourly.
Hazardous Good Storage
For the storage of hazardous substances we built warehouse E, which can hold up to 600 pallets. No matter if the product is dangerous for the environment, caustic, toxic, or flammable, we can store it for you. Our focus on safety and security makes it easy for us to handle your products and allow for efficient and secure storage. High-tech sprinkler systems and security doors secure your product and prevent from fatal events. Mainzer Kühlhaus- und Transportgesellschaft has excellent risk management in place that has shown over many years how to handle the storage of dangerous goods.
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